The Loot block will let the user pick up items. It can be accessed through the seventh button in the add block buttons area.

Below you'll find an image, and correspondent legend, for overall properties of this block, presented to you the moment you open the block.

  1. How many can keep - represents the maximum number of items the player can choose;

  2. How many to drop - represents the minimum number of items the player must drop from its inventory in order to pick up any items;

  3. How much gold must have - represents the minimum amount of gold coins the player must have to be able to pick up any items.

Next you'll add the items, through the add item button, right below these input fields. Click once for the first item and you'll be presented with another field, with the name of the item to pick. When selecting that input field, a dropdown list will show you your inventory items, from where you can select the desired one.

Remember you must already have the item in your inventory when creating any action for it.

You can now add any number of actions to the item. This means that, when used/dropped by the player, a set of actions will be run. By clicking the plus sign, we'll add an action.

  1. Target - the function through which the action will be triggered (see Functions);

  2. The amount - the amount the function will carry;

  3. Times it can be used - how many times an item can be used before being removed from the inventory.