Dice Test

The Dice Test block allows you to create complex dice rolls, that can:

  • be tied with the characteristics of the character playing (e.g.: if the roll dice result is bigger than Stamina);

  • be tied with a specific result (e.g.: if the result is 4);

  • allow conditionals (e.g.: the result is bigger than Stamina but less than 4);

  • create actions for each result;

  • show choices for each result.

It can be access throught the fourth button in the add block buttons area.

After clicking the button, a new block will appear with an input for the number of dice to be used and an add results button.

By clicking the add results button, a new results area will be presented to you. You can add more results. The image below is specifically for one outcome.

  1. The condition for the operations listed. It can be an AND or an OR. It will be inserted between each of the operators (for instance you may want the define the outcome to be bigger than Stamina OR lower than 10);

  2. The operator that will be checked against the outcome of the dice roll. The operators are:

    1. ">" - higher than;

    2. "<" - lower than;

    3. "=" - equal to;

    4. "<=" - lower or equal to;

    5. ">=" - higher or equal to;

    6. "IN" - in a specific set of outcomes.

  3. The value or values of the operation. They can be:

    1. Skill;

    2. Stamina;

    3. Luck;

    4. Integers separated by commas, when choosing "IN" as the operator (e.g.: 1,3,5,7,9).

  4. The target of an action for this outcome. It can be:

    1. Skill;

    2. Stamina;

    3. Luck.

  5. The amount to be inputted to the target (it can have negative numbers).

You can add more operators and actions for each outcome.